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"My Love"
"My Love" $195.00
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"My SweetHeart"
"My SweetHeart" from $800.00
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Baccarat "Crazy Love"
Baccarat "Crazy Love" from $275.00
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"Be Mine"
"Be Mine" $275.00
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Specialty Orchids
Specialty Orchids $565.00
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Baccarat Gift Accents
Baccarat Gift Accents from $135.00
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"Baccarat Harcourt 1841 Vase"
"Baccarat Harcourt 1841 Vase" from $860.00
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"Banchet & Baccarat Vases"
"Banchet & Baccarat Vases" from $2,275.00
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Baccarat Eye Vase "Clear Magic"
Baccarat Eye Vase "Clear Magic" $495.00
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Baccarat Eye Vase - Ruby
Baccarat Eye Vase - Ruby from $100.00
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"White on White"
"White on White" from $175.00
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With supreme selectivity, style and elegance, Banchet Flowers offers unprecedented floral artistry in each arrangement and a contemporary selection of home and lifestyle objects. Alive with heart, modern flare, integrity and a lush juxtaposition of ever-evolving products, her choices reflect an uncompromising sense of refinement: evocative fresh, friendly and fulfilling. Celebrating the uplifting effect and sublime satisfaction of living in an aesthetically pleasing and personally responsive environment, Banchet Flowers implores us to consistently indulge in a gratifying lifestyle.
Banchet Flowers offers a variety of Plants and Floral arrangements that can be ordered for delivery out of either the location at the beginning of the High Line in NYC or the location in Greenwich, CT. Offering a colorful variety or Orchids, Roses, and other rare import flowers with the elegance of professional design and set in a designer vase such as a Baccarat you will always receive the best quality people have come to expect from Banchet Flowers.  
Banchet Flowers also has the entire Baccarat Vase and glassware collections for sale. 


Spring is coming!

February 26, 2014

It’s been almost two weeks since Valentine's Day, and I'm happy to announce that the staff here at Banchet Flowers has fully recovered from Valentine’s Day.  We would like to send out a huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers, who were so accommodating with some of the last minute delivery changes that were necessary, due to the weather.  Of course, mother-nature would pick the day before our biggest holiday to throw a huge storm at us.  Thankfully, all of our fabulous drivers were able to successfully deliver every single arrangement safely.   Spring is around the corner, although the weather report says otherwise.  Bring a little spring into your life with "Happiness" and "Devotion".  Here's to wishful...

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Valentines Day

February 11, 2014

To our loyal Banchet Flowers Customers we are happy to inform you that we can still make you're special Valentine's day delivery. Please place the order as soon as possible. For Business / Office delivery please place order and delivery will be early, time is running out. For home delivery we are accepting orders later and drop offs are also able to be later. If you are concerned or would prefer to place order on the phone live call us at 212-989-1088 or email info@banchetflowers.com. Note that even if you cannot get someone on the phone during the later hours the we are still checking all emails and will read and return the call if requested. No time promise can...

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Thanks everyone for trusting us with you're Mothers Day Gift.

May 12, 2013

Mothers day orders are now finished, Thank You everyone for trusting Banchet Flowers with you're order. Please check back in the coming weeks as we are going to be adding several new sections to the site including an entire selection of live orchid plants, choclates, and Baccarat Vase's. 

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